Areas in Movie Star Planet to Visit

There are quite a few areas in Movie Star Planet that you should know, besides the main area where you make movies. While we know you want to make movies, here are a couple of those other fun areas that you might want to check out next time you are logged into the game.

Guest Book– There is also a guest book for each movie star, and this is where your friends and other users can write messages to you and send you some greetings. This is a good place to go because you can write memories with friends and other users by signing the guest book, and you will have fun seeing what other people said about you through this feature.

My Room– There is also a My Room area in the game, and this shows all of your non-clothing items that you have purchased. Your friends and other players will be able to see the non-clothing items you purchased on your profile too. There is also a Change Clothes room where you can go to change your clothing into other items that you have purchased previously.

Shopping Area- There is a shopping area in the game where you can buy new backgrounds, new music for your movies, new items and accessories, and also an area to buy new clothing. You can also go into the Animations Shop and buy lessons which teach your movie star some new movies, and then you can use these new animations in your movies.

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