Besties 4Ever Competition

A new competition is up on Movie Star Planet, and it is called “Besties 4Ever” so by the name you know this competition is all about friends and friendships. You have around one week from today to complete this competition, but there are a few rules to follow regarding the competition, as well as some new clothing and other items you need in order to participate.

The Competition Rules

You will need to make a movie inspired by the competition theme “Besties 4Ever” and you will need to use various furniture and props that go along with this new competition theme. The furniture, clothing, props, and background will all be easily recognizable in their assigned sections of Movie Star Planet, and you will know which go with the theme because they will be underneath the “new” category. Now obviously, you do not have to have all of your furniture and items related to Besties 4 Ever, and you are allowed to mix in some other items as well, just make sure that you have the majority of your movie and props centered around this theme of friendship.

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Sentences You Must Include

As with all Movie Star Planet competitions, there are specific sentences you will need to include in your movies in order to rightfully participate. The sentences you must include are “Cool tree house,” as well as “You are my BFF” and also “I want to be friends forever.”

The Prizes

You will get prizes in Movie Star Planet, if your movie is chosen as either the gold winner, silver winner or bronze winner. Remember to follow all of the rules, including using furniture and props associated with the theme Besties 4Ever, and also to use the sentences required in order to have a shot at winning one of the prizes.

Gold- If you win first place in this competition, you will get 14 days VIP, 14 diamonds, and 3,000 coins.

Silver– Coming in second place, which is silver, awards you with 7 days VIP status, 7 diamonds, and also 2,000 coins.

Bronze– Yes, as a third-place winner in this competition you get a prize too. Third place awards you with 3 days VIP, 3 diamonds, and 1,000 coins.

Competition Items & Clothing You Need

I am not going to go through all of the clothing and items you need for this competition, although I will share some of the items that you might want to purchase that goes with the theme. You can get items such as a “Thinking of You” plaque, a teddy bear, and a lemonade pitcher with some glasses. Some clothing items that you need to think about purchasing include some cool blue sneakers, a hat that has BFF written on it, and some cool shirts.

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