Cyber Punkin’ Winners Announced

Every week here on msphackblog, we login to Movie Star Planet to see who the winners were of the competition last week. The winners of the Cyber Punkin’ competition were just announced today, and we want to tell you who those three special people are. Each winner will get VIP days, diamonds, and gold coins, but the amounts vary depending on which place you got in the competition.

As you know, there are thousands of submissions for the movies every week, and these three winners displayed the most on-point movie for the theme, including using the accessories, props, items, clothing, and background which goes with the theme. All of the winners also used the sentences in the best way possible, which also helped them stand out among the crowd.

The first place winner with the best movie submission is Jessiky with the movie “Stick It!” We want to tell you congratulations for being the best and having the best movie.

cyber punkin winner 1

In second place we have Miranda1191 with the movie submission “Cyber Punk Dance Party” and we say congratulations to you too.

cyber punkin winner 2

In third place is freedomz with the movie, “NEVER Trust Cyber! :o” and we also say congratulations to you.

cyber punkin winners 3

Congratulations to all of the winners. The newest competition is still open but it will be closing on Thursday, so make sure you submit your movie beforehand in order to have a chance at winning. If you want to win make sure you use the items and clothing specific to the theme, along with the three sentences, and this will ensure you qualify to possibly be one of the winners.

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