Emo Dreamers Competition Results!


We apologise for the late posting of the results of the emo dreamers competition results! But here they are!

There was a great response to this competition and lots of really great entries, so lets take a look at the top three winners!

In first place with an amazing 434 views is “Who am I?” by emily412


In second place with a great 231 views is “The Real Me” by Christina0406.


In third place with a really good 52 views is “Don’t be a clone: Unique is cool!” by kieray64.




Here are the results for all worldwide MovieStarPlanets! Did you win?



Thank you so much to each every one of you who entered this competition, there were some truly great entries that didn’t quite make it into the top three. Maybe you didn’t win this time, but don’t forget, there is a brand new competition every single week, so you still have plenty more chances to win again in the future, don’t give up! And lets not forget, a big congratulations to our winners this week! Great job guys.


Don’t forget, you still have time to enter the April Fools competition, so make sure you submit an entry!

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