Five Movie Star Planet Rules

If you are on Movie Star Planet, there are several rules you need to follow in order to stay a member of this website. If you do not follow certain rules you will be banned from the game, so it’s important to follow these rules all of the time to ensure your account remains in good standing.

The first rule is never share your passwords with anyone in the game, even if they are your real life friends. You never want to share your password or ask anyone else for their passwords, no matter what someone tells you they will give you in exchange for this information.

Never give out your real information anywhere in the game, including in movie submissions or forum chats. This information that you need to keep private includes your name, address, age, location, email address, phone number, and usernames to social media websites.

Never give your information out in exchange for VIP memberships or StarCoins. The only way to get these items in the game is through Movie Star Planet, so if someone is asking you for information in exchange for these items, report them and do not tell them anything as they are likely scammers. You also should never ask anyone for this information in exchange for StarCoins or VIP either.

Never use sexual or racist remarks anywhere on the website, including the forums or chats. A lot of young people and children use this website and want to have fun, so make sure you keep your language free of sexual content or racist remarks. Even if you think you have a funny racial joke, some people could be offended and not find the funny in it, so keep it to yourself and your real life friends and family in your own home.

Don’t make usernames about gender or sexuality. Your sexuality and preferences are your own business and do not need to be broadcast to the world, so keep that out of Movie Star Planet. Whether you are straight or gay, you need not comment on that or make a username about it on Movie Star Planet. No usernames should talk about your gender either, as that is also personal and private information that is not relevant to you playing the game.


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