Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there Movie Star Planet players! While we often focus on competitions and new items for Movie Star Planet, we wanted to take a moment to ensure that you have some of the most basic questions you might have answered for you. Having these questions answered will ensure that you are getting the most out of the game, and that you are playing by all of the rules.

If you cannot login to Movie Star Planet or your username does not exist, then make sure you are using the right website. Every country has their own website to login to Movie Star Planet, so make sure that you are on the right website for your country. You also need to make sure that you typed in the right username, as it can be easy to make a mistake when typing in your information.

You cannot change your name or age once you have created an account. If you need to change your age, meaning if you mistyped it in the beginning, then you need to delete that user account and create a new account since it cannot be changed. If you need to change your username to your real name or change it from your real name, you can contact support for that.

You can click “Forgot Password” if you forgot your password, which is right where you login to the game, and then you get the password sent to your email address. If you did not put an email down for your account, then you have to email support for assistance. When you do this, try to get a receipt with information on it such as from items you purchased in the game, which is a way to verify your account.


You also can change your email address and password tied to your Movie Star Planet account, and you do this by clicking on “Settings” on the right corner of the screen. You can then click either change email address or change password, depending on which you want to do. Remember to not use the same password as you use for sensitive information or websites, such as avoiding using your banking password or PayPal password just for precaution in case something happens and your password got stolen or leaked. No matter how safe Movie Star Planet is you always want to ensure the passwords are different from financial types of websites, and you should change your password every 6 months just to be safe.

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