Glamour Spa Movie Competition Open

Hey everyone! Every week on msphackblog, we login to Movie Star Planet to see what the new competition is. This week a new movie competition is already up on Movie Star Planet, and it is called Glamour Spa.

glamour spa items

The Three Sentences

You will need to use three sentences in order to have a chance at winning one of the three prizes. You need to use “Time for a total relaxation” as well as “Spa is like heaven” and “Everyone should get themselves a special treat.” You must use the three sentences in your movie in order to qualify to win one of the prizes.

The Prizes

First place will get you 14 days VIP, 14 diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. Second place gets you 7 days VIP, 7 diamonds, and 2,000 gold coins. If you come in third place, which is last place, you get 1,000 gold coins, 3 diamonds, and 3 days VIP.

Items and Props

For Glamour Spa, you need to use the related items and props, and the background which is themed for this topic. Some items you can use for Glamour Spa include a teddy bear, a candle, a tub, seashells, and a sofa. Clothing includes a face mask peel, slippers, a robe, and a button down shirt.

You have until next Thursday to submit your movie, and remember to use items, clothing, and the background for this theme to have the best chance at winning. You also need to use the three sentences at least once, and make sure that you follow the rules to ensure you have a shot at being a winner.

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