How Moderators Are Alerted to Inappropriate Content

If you are a parent you probably want to know how the moderation works on Movie Star Planet. It is important to understand the moderation techniques on the website so that you know how your child is being protected while playing on Movie Star Planet.

You should know that all of the moderators are trained in Internet safety for the group of children between 8 and 15, which is the targeted demographic. If a solution is not in place for the problem, one is created at that time, and if there is a plan in place then those steps are carried out to ensure safety.

In terms of how moderators are alerted to bad activity and behaviors on the website, there are a number of ways that the staff can be alerted to this inappropriate behavior. The first way that staff is notified is by a user generated report.

There is also live moderation within the forums, and if there is anything inappropriate going on then action is taken immediately. The forums are moderated by real people to ensure that nothing gets by if it ends up getting through the filters.

There is also the fact that moderators can be alerted by the parent or guardian of a player on Movie Star Planet if there is bad or inappropriate behaviors going on. It is important for parents to report anything they think is wrong immediately so action can be taken.

There are also flagged IP addresses on Movie Star Planet, and the people who try to login to the game when their IP has been flagged will be unable to do so.

Moderation also occurs as there is active content searches by the moderators, which means that if someone is posting up YouTube links, those will be looked at and all information on the site is also looked at to ensure it is safe for children.

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