How to Contact Staff on Movie Star Planet

While there is a frequently asked questions section on Movie Star Planet, you might need to contact staff for something. Here is how you can contact staff and why you should contact them, along with what you need to provide during this process.

The frequently asked questions can be found on “Support” tab on the Movie Star Planet website. You should only use the contact form for specific questions that relate to your account, as general questions will not be answered through the contact form. Make sure you check out the “Support” information to see if your question is there before you use the contact form.

When you go to the Movie Star Planet website, you will see “Contact” on the far right hand side of the website, and you want to click this in order to get to the form you need to fill out. You will need to select a category for your question, such as “Technical” or “Billing Question” and there is also a “Safety” category along with “Other” if your question does not fit in the three other categories.

You will need to supply Movie Star Planet with your username on Movie Star Planet, as well as your email address. You will have to type in your email address twice for confirmation, and if you misspell your email, you will be notified of that before you can submit your support form, so make sure you are typing in an email that you use or that is tied with your Movie Star Planet account. You are also given a lengthy area to go into details about your question, so make sure you add a lot of details to get the best chance at help.

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