Meet the Head of Safety for Movie Star Planet

We always want to let you know about the people and events on Movie Star Planet, including the people behind the game. If you are a parent, then you probably want to know who is behind making sure that your child and other children are safe while playing the game? Well, today we are going to talk about the man who makes sure that all children are safe while playing the game, and who dedicated his life to child rights.

The Head of Safety at Movie Star Planet is Vernon Jones, and it is his job to make sure that all inappropriate content and conduct is not tolerated, and that quick action is taken when needed in the game. His basic role is to ensure the safety of the children who login to Movie Star Planet, and he does this by working with a team of Community Managers and moderators to keep eyes on the game at all times. All of these people are quick to take action when inappropriate behavior occurs, and are quick to help players resolve problems.

Not only is Vernon the Head of Safety on Movie Star Planet, he is also a registered social worker and has worked tirelessly with law enforcement agencies across the world to protect children and launch and develop safeguarding techniques. He was involved with Save the Children Denmark and developed the child safety measures as part of his duties with that organization. If there is a new way that children could be lured into a trap online, Vernon is one of the first to know, and also one of the first to implement safety policies to ensure this does not happen to any of the children who are playing Movie Star Planet.

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