Monster Hotel Movie Competition Now Open

On msphackblog, we like logging into Movie Star Planet every week to see the new movie competition put up on the website. A new movie competition has just been opened for submissions and this week the movie competition is Monster Hotel.

Three Sentences

In the Monster Hotel competition, you will need to use three sentences in order to have the best chance to win. The three sentences you need to use are “It is scary” and then “Halloween night” and finally, you need to use “monster hotel” as well. In order to have the chance to win, you need to make sure you use these three sentences in your movie.

monster hotel items

Items and Clothing

There are also items and props, as well as clothing that you need to use in order to win as well. Clothing includes masks, crazy joker like pants and shirt, and a black shirt as well. For items you have a coffin, a crazy looking black cat, and some very scary pictures and other items. You will also need to use the background that is associated with the Monster Hotel competition in order to win. You can use other items and accessories as well, but make sure that most of your items do go with the Monster Hotel theme in order to have the best chance to win.

You will have until next Thursday to submit your movie, so make sure you submit your movie before then to have a chance to win. Also make sure that you use the sentences you need to for this competition and also make sure that you use the background for the Monster Hotel competition as well.

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