More Movie Star Planet VIP Questions Answered

Hi everyone! We know we have gone over some of the common questions relating to the VIP memberships on Movie Star Planet, but there are a few more questions that we feel need answered to make sure you know what the VIP memberships are all about.

Daily Spins- As a VIP member, you get a certain number of daily spins on the StarCoins wheel. The number of spins that you get though depends on the membership that you have. You can just look under the StarCoins wheel to see how many spins you have on that wheel, and then you can spin whenever you want.

Diamond and StarCoins Packages- There used to be StarCoins and diamonds packages on Movie Star Planet, which are now being replaced with Top-Up packages. This was because people were confused and thinking these packages were part of the VIP memberships, when in fact, they are both separate types of packages you can purchase in the game. You can still purchase both of these types of items though even if you have the VIP membership, but they are now considered Top-Up packages instead.

Daily StarCoins and Diamonds- On Movie Star Planet, as VIP member, you also get daily StarCoins and diamonds, and you do not need to do anything to get these free daily items. This is just a thank you for purchasing a VIP membership on Movie Star Planet, and you can find them in your Fame Magazine. You do not need to do anything at all just sit back and watch the daily diamonds and Star Coins add up in your account.

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