More Ways Parents Can Keep Kids Safe On Movie Star Planet

Hi everyone! We have already talked about some ways that parents or guardians can keep their children safe while playing Movie Star Planet. Knowing how to protect your child in the game will allow you to feel more at ease as they spend time on Movie Star Planet and begin talking to people from all over the world. Here are some more ways that you can ensure your children are safe while playing the game as well.

You need to setup rules so that your child knows how long they can play on Movie Star Planet, and make sure you set down rules on if they are allowed to chat and if so, what type of chatting they are allowed to do.

Make sure you use a voice changer if your child makes a friend online and wants to talk to them through the phone. It’s cool if your child makes friends online, especially if they are a little older, but do not allow them to use their real voice when they talk to that person.

Look up the reviews of Movie Star Planet to ensure that this is a game you want your child playing. Look at both the good and bad reviews to make sure you know what you are getting your child into by playing the game.

You also should be aware that no matter what, harassment and bullying can still happen online. Talk to your child about these issues and what to do if they happen, including reporting the player and also talking to you.

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