Movie Star Planet Costs

If you are a parent, you might be wondering what it costs in order to play Movie Star Planet? A lot of parents do not want to spend money on a game like Movie Star Planet because children often will not play the game enough to justify a monthly fee to play the game. If you are a child, you also might want to know about the costs associated with Movie Star Planet, which can help you talk your parent into letting you sign up for the website.

First and foremost, it is completely free to create an account on Movie Star Planet, which means you can sign up and start playing the game for free with no hidden fees or costs. You earn points and money in the game by creating movies, and this is also how you progress in the game. When you make movies and play games within Movie Star Planet, you earn StarCoins, and the StarCoins are the in-game currency you can use to purchase items.

You can upgrade though to a VIP account, which gives you more clothing, items, access to more game features, and exclusives. The VIP account does cost real money, such as a credit card, and the standard credit card rates and practices apply if you purchase the VIP membership. You also can use a credit card or cell phone to purchase more StarCoins, again this is not mandatory, and it is something you should ask permission for before buying. Otherwise, if you do not want to be a VIP, you do not have to, and it’s optional, and most of the game can still be played by having the free membership.

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