Movie Star Planet Fun Social Features

On Movie Star Planet, there is quite a bit you can do in the game, including chatting, talking to friends, and writing down your thoughts. There is a lot more to the website than just making movies, and some of these features you might not have heard about before. We are going to tell you a couple of these features, which are basically social features.

Friends- On Movie Star Planet you can talk to friends and also make friends in at the same time. You can go to the “Friends” area of the game and search for friends by username, and you will see the “Friends” button on the main menu. You will also see that there is a “Friends Activities” bar that appears on the bottom of the screen, and this pops up anytime your friend is online and does something in the game. This area is also where you go if you want to chat with your friends, so always keep an eye on the bottom of the screen for this “Friends Activities” bar.

What Are You Doing Area- In the game there is also a “What Are You Doing” area, and this is on the left side of the Movie Star Planet screen. If you have a thought you want to write down or a post you want to make about what you are doing, this is where you will do that. You can click on “send” and then all of your friends will see the message, and you can even use emotions on your Movie Star in order to illustrate various feelings.

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