Movie Star Planet Rules to Abide By

There are quite a few rules at Movie Star Planet you need to be aware of, and while we already mentioned some, there are still a few more we need to tell you about.

The first rule is that you do not want to attempt to break or break the copyright laws. These are serious laws and breaking them can lead to criminal charges.

You do not want to scam other players, trick other players or steal items from other players. If you do any of these things then you will be banned, as scamming players or tricking them into giving you items is not tolerated on the site.

If you use a cheat in this game you could be banned, so if you are using one, make sure you never talk about it or tell other players about it. You can end up being perma-banned from the game if you use cheats and get caught.

You should not be harassing other players, such as using abusive language or bullying other players. If a player does not want to talk to you then leave them alone. At a certain point harassment turns into stalking and cyber bullying which could be criminal charges if you keep up the behavior.

Make sure to never impersonate the staff or moderators of Movie Star Planet, as you will be banned. Staff and moderators will always have a badge icon by their name, which shows up all of the time, so if you do not see this icon then it is not a moderator or staff member.

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