Moviestarplanet Autumn Daydream Competition

This week’s MSP competition is the Autumn Daydream competition.  Here’s your chance to make a funky autumn-style movie with any mystical creatures and figures you can dream of!


There are some special new items just for the Autumn Daydream competition so be sure to check out the shopping area to get some!  These cute little animals will surely add some flair to your film.


There’s also some new outfits to choose from in the store.  I need that fox hat!!


Your Autumn Daydream film wouldn’t be complete without a special woodsy background.  This week there are two different backgrounds to choose from!  The first is an abandoned forest scene.


The next background is the same forest scene except it’s all ready for a party!


For you movie stars who are entering the movie competition, be sure to include these phrases in your film.

  • magical autumn
  • woodland animals
  • sunlight through the trees

I still haven’t decided the plot for my Autumn Daydream contest entry yet…I’m thinking I might go into the woods then fall asleep and dream about a great woodland party.  Then wake up only to find myself in the empty woodland scene, kinda sad lol.  What is your movie going to be about?

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