Moviestarplanet Fame Hack

Your rank in Moviestarplanet is determined by how many fame points you have.  Fame points can be earned by entering competitions, making artbooks, playing games, and other activities.  Earning Fame points this way can take days or even weeks to level up in MSP.  That’s why I’m going to show you how to do a Fame hack in Moviestarplanet!


How to Do a Fame Hack in Moviestarplanet

The Moviestarplanet fame hack works like the Starcoin and VIP hacks I’ve mentioned before.  This particular fame hack requires you to download the hack program to your computer.  It is tested and proven to work without viruses so you don’t have to worry!

Step 1: Download the fame hack if you haven’t already.  I’ll post the link at the bottom of this post!  The fame hack program isn’t very large so it shouldn’t take too long to download onto your computer.  After you download the fame hack tool, click on it to install the hack tool.

Step 2: Follow the instructions that the hack tool gives you for installation.  For most computers it should just install itself once you click OK.  Now open the MSP Fame hack tool.

Step 3: When the fame hack tool opens, you’ll see a form asking you to enter how many Starcoins, VIP, or Fame you want.  For this example we are just doing fame so leave the other two spaces blank!  This fame hack does not ask you for your username or password.  Just make sure you are logged into your Moviestarplanet account so the hack tool works properly!


Step 4: Enter your desired amount of fame points then just hit the start button.  The fame hack should begin working right away.  Refresh your Moviestarplanet browser to check if the fame has been added to your account.

Step 5: You should have the amount of fame points added to your account if the tool worked right!  Enjoy your new higher rank in MSP!


You can use the fame hack tool as much as you want but try not to overdo it.  If you use the hack tool too much you might get banned.

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  1. DoughnutLife says:

    Can you plz email me the link or link it somewhere here.plz.

  2. were is the download botton

    • YO ITZ SWAGGY says:

      LOL where da hell is it i wanna lvl up – been stuck on lvl 15 4 ages!! add meh on english msp- Koolkidz617 plz – gotta be lvl 10+ ♥

  3. please link says:

    pls link 🙂


    GIMMIE THE LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ashley says:

    can i get the msp dimond hack

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