Moviestarplanet Hack for 2015 – Starcoins & Diamonds!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated with a new hack tool but we are back with the best new Moviestarplanet hack for 2015!  This MSP hack will add Starcoins, Diamonds, and VIP directly to your Moviestarplanet account – for free!  This hack is easier to use than ever and works faster than any other hack we’ve developed.  Now let’s get started!

How Does this Moviestarplanet Hack Work?

This Moviestarplanet hack tool works like many of the other hacks we have posted before.  Our team of developers has created this hack specifically for Moviestarplanet – it’s not just some knock-off one-size-fits-all hack like many other websites have.  That means that this MSP hack has constant support from the developers to ensure that it is working properly.

The hack tool creates an access point into the Moviestarplanet servers so it can add the Diamonds, Starcoins and VIP directly into your account.  You don’t have to do a survey or share this site to access the hack – it’s free and available for anyone to download!

I will go into some more instructions below, but when you open the new 2015 Moviestarplanet hack tool it will automatically detect your account and ask you to confirm that it is the correct account you want to hack.  Once the hack is linked to your MSP account, just enter how many Starcoins and Diamonds you want and go!


Our developers run daily tests to ensure that the 2015 Moviestarplanet hack is running and working properly.  The hack has numerous security features in place to protect your computer and your account, 100% guaranteed.  If the hack is not working for any reason, we will take it down until the issues have been resolved.  If the hack is available on our site, that means it’s working and ready to use!

To get the 2015 Moviestarplanet Starcoin & Diamond hack, just download it below.  Once you have downloaded and installed the hack tool onto your computer, the options menu will look like this.


How to Use the 2015 Moviestarplanet Hack Tool

1. First you need to download the MSP hack onto your computer if you haven’t already done that.  You can download it right here on this page.  If you don’t see the download link, it may mean that the hack tool is having maintenance – check back later.

2. After you download and install the hack tool, you’ll see a menu like the one pictured above.  Open your internet browser and log in to your Moviestarplanet account.  The hack tool will automatically connect to your MSP account when you log in.  Note: This hack tool does not work with the Safari browser – you need to use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

3. The hack tool will notify you when it has connected to your Moviestarplanet account and it will ask you if this is the account you want to hack.  Select “Yes” if that is the correct account.

4. Now the Moviestarplanet hack is ready to use.  Simply type in the amount of Starcoins and Diamonds you want to add to your account.  You can also choose to add VIP membership to your MSP account.  The hack tool adds VIP in one month amounts so if you want a year of free VIP, type 12 into the box next to VIP.

5. After you’ve filled out all of the info, just click “Hack” to begin the MSP hack.  The hack tool will work quickly, it usually completes in less than 30 seconds depending on your internet connection.  The box beneath the “Detail” section will show you the progress of the hack tool.

6. Now check your Moviestarplanet account to see that the Starcoins and Diamonds have been added.  You can also see if the VIP membership has been applied.  Enjoy playing MSP with unlimited Starcoins, Diamonds, & VIP!

Frequent Questions

Do I really need to download the Moviestarplanet hack tool to use it?

Yes.  The reason for this is that the hack tool needs to create an access point to the servers that is unique to your computer.  Other hacks that claim to work without a download are usually fake or they get banned quickly because so many people use them.  Downloading the hack tool onto your computer is the only way to ensure that the MSP hack will work properly.

How often can I use the hack tool?

Technically you can use the hack tool as often as you’d like but we recommend that you only use it a maximum of 2 times per week.  This is to avoid your account getting flagged by Moviestarplanet admins.  We also advise that you only add a reasonable number of Starcoins, Diamonds, or VIP to your account.  If you add 20,000,000 Starcoins to your account in one day, that looks suspicious.  We recommend adding less than 100,000 Starcoins or Diamonds at a time, and only 12 months of VIP at once.

Why can’t I find the download link?

If you don’t see the download link for the hack available on this page it probably means that the hack is undergoing maintenance.  Check back later once it is back up, thanks for visiting.

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  1. XXMSPGirlXX says:

    Wow that was quick 😀

  2. Dennis says:

    I got a year of free VIP! thx!!

  3. evan says:

    best hack ive found!

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