Moviestarplanet Hack – Download Vs No Download

As many of you know, there are usually two ways to do a Moviestarplanet hack: one you need to download the hack program and the other way you do not need to download anything.  I am going to talk about the differences between the two different types of Moviestarplanet hacks and explain which type is better and why.  Let’s go!


Moviestarplanet Hack – No Download Required

The first way to do a Moviestarplanet hack is by finding a hack tool that does not require a download.  There are many sites that advertise “No Download Moviestarplanet Hack Tools” and so on…  These sites usually ask you to do some kind of survey or complete an offer in order to access the Moviestarplanet hack.


Although some of these sites actually work, most of them DO NOT WORK.  Here’s why.  When you do a Moviestarplanet hack, the tool needs to directly access the Moviestarplanet servers in order to add the Starcoins, Diamonds, or VIP to your account.  What happens with the “No-Download” hack tools is that thousands of different players all try to use the hack via the same access point (the website).  This puts up a red flag for the Moviestarplanet administrators when they see a bunch of different players accessing their accounts through the same portal.

So that’s why most of the “No-Download” hack tools don’t work.  Once MSP sees a ton of different players accessing the servers the same way, they will shut down the access point and the hack will no longer work.  So beware if a site says you can do a Moviestarplanet hack without downloading a tool, they are usually a scam.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of why a lot of the hacks that don’t require a download do not work.  Now I’ll explain why the download type hacks work better.

Downloadable Moviestarplanet Hack Tools

Moviestarplanet hack tools that require a download are the most common types of hacks.  This kind of hack can easily generate thousands of Starcoins, Diamonds, or even a VIP membership and add them directly to your account.  Most downloadable MSP hacks do not require a survey or anything like that to use them.  Here’s how they work.

In order to use these kind of Moviestarplanet hacks, you must download a small program onto your computer.  Then you just install the program and it’s ready to use.  Most of these hacks look very similar, kind of like the one pictured below.  All you have to do is enter your username and how many Starcoins or Diamonds you want added to your account and then click “Hack”!


When you use a downloadable Moviestarplanet hack, your computer creates its very own access point to the MSP servers unlike the no-download hacks where many players access the same servers through the same place.  Since it is only your computer accessing the servers through this point, it does not draw any attention from the Moviestarplanet administrators because it just looks like you are normally playing the game.

This is why the downloadable hack tools are the best way to do a Moviestarplanet hack.  The downloadable hacks are the safest way to add thousands of Starcoins, Diamonds, or even a VIP membership to your account!  That is why we mostly recommend the downloadable type hacks on this site, because they work!  Hopefully this clears up some confusion as to how the different hack tools work and why some work better than others.  Best of luck moviestars!

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    Add more hacks that are no download no surveys & that work please I’m dieing
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    I want more fame, diamonds and sc I need it very much. But none of hack sites I’ve tried works, and I try very many web pages in a very long time. Why does not any of them work?

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    My computer won’t download!!!
    So maaaaaaaaaaad!

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    Plz PLZZZZZ add one without survey or download, IM DYING for VIP 🙁

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