Moviestarplanet Hack for Starcoins

The Starcoin hack is probably the most common hack in Moviestarplanet. This type of hack is used to quickly add lots of Starcoins to your MSP account. This is a lot quicker than trying to get Starcoins by playing games or other ways. It can take a very long time to earn starcoins without using a hack tool.

Starcoin Hack Tool

In order to do a Starcoin hack on MSP, you need to have a Starcoin hack tool. There are lots of sites that claim to have working Moviestarplanet hack tools but be careful because some of them are scams. Most of the starcoin hacks that actually work require you to download the tool to your computer.

The starcoin hack tool I’ll be reviewing here requires a small program download on your computer. The hack does not take long to download and shouldn’t take up much space on your PC. It’s easy to use, just follow the instructions below!

  1. Download the starcoin hack onto your computer. This type of starcoin hack requires a download in order to work properly.
  2. Install the starcoin hack tool. After the hack has finished downloading, double click on the icon to install the tool.
  3. Open the Starcoin hack program. Once it’s installed, it should be ready to use!
  4. For this starcoin hack all you have to do is enter your username. Some hack tools require you to enter your password and others don’t.
  5. Then choose how many starcoins and diamonds you want to add to your account. Don’t try to add like a million starcoins at once or it will look suspicious. I usually just do like ten thousand starcoins at a time.
  6. Now just click “Hack!” and the tool will start adding the starcoins and diamonds to your account! It should work pretty much instantly once you press the button.
  7. Log in to your Moviestarplanet account to check if the hack worked. You should see however many more starcoins and diamonds you added in your account! Have fun!


  • Just like the VIP hack, don’t over-do the Starcoin hack! If you add way too many starcoins at once or use it too many times in one day your account might get banned! Just use it once or twice a week and you should be fine.
  • Make sure your username is spelled correctly if the starcoin hack doesn’t work the first time.
  • Sometimes the hack tools may be offline if they are updating the tool or something. If the starcoin hack tool doesn’t work, try again later.

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  10. Sparkie22 says:

    Hey! This is a great website! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get free vip and star coins for ages. This is by far the easiest way

  11. Sparkie22 says:

    Hey! This is a great website! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get free vip and star coins for ages. This is by far the easiest way

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