Moviestarplanet Help Guide

I made this help guide with some of the most commonly asked questions for Moviestarplanet.  I did my best to answer these questions as thoroughly as possible but if you have anything to add please let me know in the comments!  Also if you have any questions that aren’t listed feel free to ask!


How to Win a MSP Movie Competition

Every week there’s a new Moviestarplanet movie competition that you can enter for a chance to win certain prizes.  First place usually gets 14 days of free VIP membership plus a bunch of starcoins and diamonds.  Here’s a few ways to increase your chances of winning a Moviestarplanet movie competition.

  • Submit your entry early.  The earlier you submit your movie, the more time you have to get votes!
  • Tell your friends to watch and vote for your movie.
  • Watch other moviestar’s movies and vote for them, then ask them to watch yours in return.
  • Be sure to make a quality movie that people will actually enjoy watching.

How to Get a Free VIP Membership

VIP memberships in MSP can cost up to $80/year!  If you’re one of the people who doesn’t want to pay that much, you’re not alone.  There are a couple ways I know how to get a free VIP membership for Moviestarplanet.

  • Ask your parents.  Maybe offer to mow the lawn or do chores in exchange for a MSP membership.
  • Use a hack.  Try one of the hacks that can be found right here on our website.  They are all tested to work!
  • Earn a free membership from another website.  Some sites let you take surveys and watch videos in exchange for free VIP memberships

How to do a Moviestarplanet Hack

Moviestarplanet hack tools can be used for everything from getting Starcoins & diamonds to getting free VIP.  Most of the hack tools you’ll find require you to download a small program to your computer in order to do the hack.  Once you download and install the hack tool, open the program and follow the instructions for how to do the hack.

Most MSP hacks ask for your username and sometimes your password.  The hack tool will also have you enter how many Starcoins or diamonds you want along with if you want a VIP membership too.  Once you enter this info, just click Start and the hack tool should begin adding the Starcoins or VIP to your account right away.  For more info on how to do Moviestarplanet hacks, check out some of the other articles posted on this site!

How to Get Lots of Starcoins and Diamonds?

Starcoins and diamonds are probably the most important things in Moviestarplanet because they can be used to purchase just about any item in the game.  The easiest way to get a lot of Starcoins or diamonds is to do a Moviestarplanet hack like I’ve mentioned above.   The hack tools can add thousands of starcoins or diamonds to your account almost instantly!

If you’re trying to earn starcoins or diamonds without cheats, you can try playing games or entering competitions to earn points.  This can take a long time so I recommend using a hack if you don’t want to wait.

How Do You Get a Boyfriend in Moviestarplanet

Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend on Moviestarplanet can take time, just like getting one in real life.  First find someone who you’re interested in and begin talking with them.  If you seem to connect with this person then keep talking to them over time until you get comfortable with eachother.  Then if you want to ask them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, send them an invite by clicking on their name.

You’ll have to wait for them to respond before they become your boyfriend or girlfriend.  If they accept your request then it’s official!  If they deny your request you can keep talking to them as a friend or look somewhere else for another person.

How to Get Fame Fast on Moviestarplanet

Fame points determine what level you are on Moviestarplanet.  Fame can be earned by completing challenges and daily tasks.  It can also be earned by entering competitions or playing games.  It can take a long time to earn fame points this way and move up the ranks in MSP.

The quickest way to get fame fast is by using a hack tool.  A fame hack can boost you up multiple levels at a time!  Just be sure not to overuse the hack tools or you might get banned for cheating.  But if you follow the guides on this site and are careful you should be just fine!

How to Get Diamonds on MSP

Diamonds are the most exclusive currency on Moviestarplanet.  Most of the time VIP members are the only ones who are able to get diamonds.  Every VIP membership comes with a certain amount of Diamonds.  Depending on type of VIP membership you choose, you can get anywhere from 7 to 635 Diamonds!  However this does mean that you have to pay for VIP.

Another option for getting diamonds on MSP is to use a diamond hack.  I have page dedicated to the diamond hack and will give you all the information you need on how to do one.  Just follow the instructions and you get hundreds of diamonds added to your account instantly!

How to Report Someone in Moviestarplanet

If someone is bullying you or just bothering you on Moviestarplanet, you can easily report them to the administrators so they will leave you alone.  To report another player on MSP, just click on their username to pull up their profile card.  You’ll see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark near the top right side of their profile.  Click on this triangle to begin the reporting process.

When you click on that, another window will pop up asking if you want to report them or just block them.  I usually just block people if they’re bothering me but if they’re threatening you or saying inappropriate things, you should definitely report them.  The MSP moderators take threats and harassment very seriously so the player will get some kind of warning or might even get banned depending on what they did.

How to Delete Friends on Moviestarplanet

If you want to delete someone from your friends list, just click on their name to bring up their profile.  In their profile you’ll see an icon near the left side with a garbage can on it.  Click this button to end your friendship with that player.

How to Act Famous on Moviestarplanet

If you’re trying to become a famous Moviestarplanet player like Pumpchkin, there are a few things you can do to act famous and make people think you’re a celebrity.  First of all, you’re going to want to make sure your outfit has some rare items and that your look will stand out.  Another thing you can do is make a fan club for yourself or just make a club for players like yourself.

You can also have your friends all dress similar to you and follow you around like an entourage.  People will wonder why you have so many followers and will think you’re famous.  Another tip would be to enter movie competitions and create good videos so people will vote for you.  Once your videos gain views, players will think you’re famous.

How to Become a Celebrity on MSP

Becoming a celebrity on Moviestarplanet is similar to the tips I listed for acting famous.  However becoming an actual celebrity takes time and you’ll need to build a good following or other players.  My advice would be to be nice to everyone you meet.  It’s much easier to become a celebrity by being nice, no one is going to want to follow a jerk!

Also be sure you’re creating new movies or looks regularly.  You want to give other players a reason to follow you and look up to you.  Over time you’ll gain more friends and fans and eventually you’ll become a real MSP celebrity!

How to Use a Code on Moviestarplanet

If you have a membership code or any other type of code, here’s how you enter it on Moviestarplanet.  All you have to do is click on the Settings button at the top right of your screen and the first option you see will say “Redeem Code”.  Just click on this button and a box will pop up where you can enter whatever code you have!

How to Be on the Login Screen on MSP

This question comes up from time to time…It seems like they just pick a random moviestar to display on the login screen but I’m not exactly sure.  Your best bet is to try to become as famous as possible so you have a better chance of being chosen.  You could also try emailing Moviestarplanet and asking them how you can get on the login screen.

Can You Kiss on Moviestarplanet

Yes you can kiss on Moviestarplanet.  In order to kiss you need to buy the kiss action from the animation shop.  You an whoever you’re trying to kiss should both have the animation so it looks real.

How to Change Usernames on Moviestarplanet

It’s difficult to change your username on MSP.  Your best bet would be to try and contact Moviestarplanet support and asking them if you can change your username.  The only times I’ve heard they will allow you to change your username is if it has your real name or any other personal info in it.  Most likely they will just tell you to make a new account.

How to Change Your Password

To change your password on Moviestarplanet, click on the settings button at the top right of your screen.  You’ll see an option that says “Change Password”.  Click on this button and you’ll be able to change your password to a new one.

How to Hack Someones MSP Account

We do not recommend trying to hack into someone elses MSP account because it’s wrong and you can get into a lot of trouble if you get caught.  As of right now, we do not know of any tools that allow you to hack into someones account.  However if you know their email address you can request a password change and it may allow you to change it and access their account.  This means you would have to have access to their email too though.

How Can I Become a Moviestarplanet Judge

Judges on Moviestarplanet are members who purchase a 12 month VIP membership.  You can also become a jury member if you purchase a 3 month VIP membership.  Another way to become a judge or jury member is by doing a VIP hack for a year long membership.  Once the hack works you’ll get a year of VIP and become a judge in MSP.

When Was Moviestarplanet Made

MSP was made in 2009.  It has been around for about 5 years now.

How to Get Pets for Free in MSP

Pets usually cost non-members hundreds of starcoins and some are only available for VIP members.  The easiest way to get pets for free is by becoming a VIP member by buying a membership or using a hack.

How Do You Walk Your Pets

If you want your pet to follow you around in Moviestarplanet, just click on the pet icon in the side of your status bubble.  Then you can choose which of your pets you want to follow you around wherever you go.

How to Make a Status with Fancy Writing

VIP members are the only ones who can write statuses with fancy writing.  If you are a VIP member then you’ll have the option to choose a fancy font when you write your status.

How Do You Join a Club

To join a club in Moviestarplanet go to Movie Town and click on Clubs.  Here you’ll be able to see a list of all the different clubs in Moviestarplanet.  You can sort them by the type of club or how many members it has.  To join a club, click on it and then you’ll see a plus sign at the top left of your screen.  Click on the plus sign to join the club.

Some clubs may be invitation only so if you don’t see the button then you probably have to be approved first.  You can also create your own club by clicking on the “Create Club” button at the bottom right corner of the screen.