Moviestarplanet VIP Benefits

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Movie Star Planet is a young company that specializes in the development and marketing of social, interactive games. Movie Star Planet is the company behind one of the world’s most successful games for Tweens – which has over 140 million registered users and can be played in 16 countries and 11 different languages.

Since its Danish release in 2009 Movie Star Planet has grown as one of the most popular sites for kids. Players can dress up as their favorite movie star; hang out with their real life friends in a virtual world. The point of the game is to earn fame and fortune by social interacting, making movies and watching other people’s movies. Doing these things can earn you Fame Points and Star Coins which can be used to buy more costumes, backdrops for your movies, animations and home décor. Players can also exchange gifts, collect autographs and trade items, this provides a lot of various things for the player to enjoy and entertain themselves with
Anyone can play the game for free, or players can choose to pay a weekly, monthly, every three month or a yearly fee for a premium VIP membership. There are three different types of VIP membership; normal VIP, super VIP or elite VIP. These packages can cost anywhere between $4 and $60, so a VIP membership is definitely affordable for what you are getting.


Each VIP package has different benefits depending on which one you choose. Some of the benefits of getting an MSP membership include;:The ability to earn more fame so you can level-up faster, access to exclusive VIP member items, areas, chat rooms, and more, spin the VIP wheel for a chance to win more Starcoins, give more autographs than non-members, buy better pets, add more friends to your friends list.

Playing with a free membership is fun, but incredibly slow going. You don’t have a lot of clothes to pick from, so your character design choices are very limited, there aren’t a whole lot of customizable options either, so you can’t do things that would usually be able to do in similar games like pick the color of your hair and other features such as eyes and nose.

Luckily, you are able to gain coins fairly quickly so you’re able to purchase some of the non-gem items. Unfortunately the majority of the super nice things available are either very pricey or cost gems, which you only seem to get by buying them. Even after playing several different games and making money, I couldn’t even afford the cheapest shirt that the clothing store had.
With the VIP membership, a lot more options are open to players, for example, players are able to buy the VIP clothes that were not previously accessible to them, they would also receive a small cache of gems with their VIP subscriptions (how many the player receives depends on the length/type of VIP subscription they are in possession of) which they can buy all sorts of really cool things with like excusive VIP pets and various other things.

After playing this game for several hours and comparing both the free status and the VIP status, I can conclude, without a doubt, that this game becomes marginally more fun with a VIP membership, players are allowed access to games that non-subscribers cannot access, players are able to access private chat rooms, get movie additions and animations and fast-track your way to fame and fortune. A VIP subscription makes it so much easier for the player to navigate their way through the game.

Before spending money on the game, any younger players hoping to set up a VIP subscription should definitely discuss it with their parents, who are able to monitor their children’s internet usage and encourage them to report anything which might disturb or unsettle them. Parents have the ultimate control over what their children see online and so it would be wise to use discretion at all times but to also ensure that they have access to parental controls and an up-to-date anti-virus system. Sadly people on this site can hack accounts, so any players who make the decision to upgrade to VIP status should be very careful with whom they trust on the site, as they could lose any progress they have made and theirs or their parent’s money will have been wasted. As always, players should never give their passwords or login details to anyone; even if they claim that they work for movie star planet, stay safe and don’t miss out.

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