MovieStarPlanet Wins Most Innovative Company in Denmark Award 2014!

It may not come as such a huge surprise that MovieStarPlanet is one immensely successful game. I know I love it, but I guess I just had no idea that an entire country thought of the game as such huge innovation.

Incredibly, the lovely folks who work so hard on developing this wonderful game actually won an award for being the “Most Innovative Company in Denmark” for 2014!

At the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition, MSP was stacked up against two other very popular Danish companies – Global Connect ApS and Laser Touch ApS. Coming out on top against these companies is such an incredible feat for MSP, on their corporate blog, they said “Coming ahead of such prominent companies, makes us even more grateful for being recognized for our core values and achievements.” We are right there with you guys!


So I offer congratulations to one of our favorite Danish gaming companies and hope that they continue to get the recognition they deserve. Great job Moviestarplanet!

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 I Bella Center MovieStarPlanet

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