MSP Bake Off Competition Winners Announced

On msphackblog, we like to login to Movie Star Planet to see who the winners were of the latest competition. We just got word that the winners have been announced for the MSP Bake Off competition, and there are three people who ended up winning this MSP Bake Off competition.

The Three Winners

In first place we have talentedgirlj with the movie “Peter Your Mom Baked The House!” and we wanted to say congratulations to the first place winner for having the best movie out of all of the submissions.

msp bake off winner 1

In second place we have vj17thegreat with the movie “Baking Rivals” and we of course wanted to say congratulations.

msp bake off winner 2

Third place belongs to prettyroy with the movie “MSP Bake Off” and we want to say congratulations to you as well!

msp bake off winner 3

The Three Prizes

Each of these winners will get VIP, diamonds, and gold coins with the amounts varying by which place the person got. First place is 14 days VIP, 14 diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. Second place gets 7 VIP days, 7 diamonds, and 2,000 gold coins. Last place gets 3 days VIP, 3 diamonds, and 1,000 gold coins.

There is still two days left on the newest movie competition, which is Glamour Spa, and you have until Thursday night to submit your movie and have a chance to win. Remember that the best way to have a chance to win is to use the three sentences required for the movie, and also using the items, clothing, and background that is specific for that competition. You of course can use other props within your movie, but you need to make sure that you are using most of the props, clothing, and the background that is specific for the competition.

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