MSP Fame City App Cheats & Hacks


Fame City is the newest app from the creators of Moviestarplanet.  It’s a fun role playing game where you play as a famous celebrity and interact with other characters and celebrities on your journey.  It’s free to play and available for Android and Apple devices!

Fame City for Android and Other Devices

Fame City for Apple


Just like in Moviestarplanet you can create your very own looks and dress up your character however you want!


Audition for roles in movies, commercials, and TV shows too.  Work your way up to becoming an A list celebrity.


Gain access to the most exclusive clubs and choose how you want to interact with other characters!


Accessorize your character with all kinds of cool items and fashion accessories in Fame City.


Live like a celebrity and decorate your very own penthouse in MSP Fame City.


Start off working at a coffee shop then network with agents and celebrities to move up in the world.


Party at all of the hottest clubs in Fame City and choose what you want to order and how to act!

Fame City Hack & Cheats

MSP Fame City is free to play but there are some items in the game that cost real money.  There’s also Starcoins and Fame points that you can transfer to your Moviestarplanet account.  That’s why a lot of players look for cheats for Fame City to get free Starcoins and other items.

Since Fame City is a pretty new game, there aren’t as many cheats and hacks for it as there are for the regular Moviestarplanet.  There are still a couple cheats and hack tools I know of.  I’ll post them on this page so you can download them.

Fame City hacks are easiest to do on Android devices but you can also do them on iPhones and iPads too.  All you have to do is follow the links I post and download the tool onto your phone.  then you’ll just have to say your username and how many Starcoins or Fame you want!

Becoming a famous celebrity in Fame City can take a very long time so it’s a lot easier to just use a cheat or hack tool to gain fame fast!  As always, the cheats I post are tested to work and be safe to use.  Good luck moviestars!


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