MSP Fame Hack

Fame points in Moviestarplanet determine what level your character is ranked in the game.  You can earn fame points by doing different activities in Moviestarplanet like playing games and interacting with other players.  It can take a long time to build up fame points though so it’s easier to just use a hack.


How to Hack MSP for Fame Points

Moviestarplanet fame hack programs work similarly to the Starcoin and Diamond hacks.  You basically just download the hack tool onto your computer then enter how many fame points you want to add to your account.  Below I’ll show you exactly how to use one of the fame hack tools I found.

1. Choose a hack program to use for adding fame to your account.  There are lots of different hack tools out there that say they will work but some of them are scams.  This is why you need to be careful when choosing a fame hack to use.  I’ll post a safe fame hack below.

2. Once you find a good hack tool to use, you will probably need to download it onto your computer.  Some online hack tools will say they will work without a download but usually you need to download the program.

3. Follow whatever instructions come with the fame hack tool.  Each hack program is different so you may have to enter your username and password in order for it to work.  The hack I’ve pictured below will let you choose whether you want to add Starcoins, Diamonds, VIP, or Fame to your account.  Choose what type of hack you want to do then click “Add Selected Items” to start the hack.


4. Let the Fame hack tool run until it says it is done adding the points to your account.  Now log in to check and make sure that it worked.  If the fame hack worked correctly then the fame should be added to your account right away.

5. Enjoy your new higher level in the game!  You can keep using the fame hack tool to add more fame points but don’t over-do it.  I recommend only using the tool once a week so that you don’t get flagged for hacking.  Good luck!


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  1. selina says:

    i dont know what to do cause i need starcoins but this isnt working and i can download it.

  2. Johnc833 says:

    1000s of Show Gambler, since the Lastly associated with Sept .. dfccgedekkdg

  3. d says:

    where the heck is the download button

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