MSP Starcoin Hack

Most items in Moviestarplanet can be purchased using Starcoins which is the main currency in the game.  Starcoins can be earned by playing games and doing other activities but this can take time to get a lot of them.  That’s why a lot of MSP players use a “Starcoin Hack” to get tons of Starcoins very quickly.

How to Do a Starcoin Hack

Most Starcoin hacks require you to download a software that will add the Starcoins to your account.  Other hacks make you take a survey before you can use their hack tool.  Many users try to find Starcoin hacks that require “no download” or “no survey” but almost every hack you will find will make you do one or the other.

Step 1: Find a Starcoin hack program to use.  I’ll post some links to download good ones when I find them.  From my experience, the hacks that require you to download a program seem to work the best.  A lot of the survey ones seem to not work very well.

Step 2: Download the Starcoin hack and install the software on your computer.  Most of these programs are quick to download and should be ready to go as soon as they’re installed.

Step 3: Follow the instructions for how to use the hack tool.  Usually you have to enter your username and choose how many Starcoins you want to add to your account.  Then just click “Activate” or “Run” to start the Starcoin hack!  Here’s what one of the Moviestarplanet hack tools I’ve used looks like.


Step 4: Login to your MSP account to make sure that the hack has worked and the Starcoins are in your account.  Most of the hack tools will put the Starcoins in your account instantly so you will be able to tell right away if it worked.

Step 5: You’re done! Now you can spend the Starcoins on whatever items you want!  If you run out, you can always add more Starcoins later.


MSP Starcoin Hack Tool Tips

  • Do not over-use the hack tools.  If you add like a million Starcoins to your account every day, your account might get flagged for hacking or cheating.  I usually don’t add more than 100,000 Starcoins at a time to avoid this.
  • Be sure to do your research on a hack tool before you download it.  Make sure you find it on a legitimate website (like this one).
  • Follow the instructions for the hack tool correctly.  If the tool says “only use once per day” then only use it one time per day, etc.
  • If you figure out any helpful hints or tips, be sure to leave them in the comments here so it will help other players!

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  1. Dorian sims says:

    Plz I need to win this money I am not able to buy anything on msp

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    I really need this plz

  3. Carolyn Burrell says:

    How to download

  4. What website can i use?! I NEED 1 WITH NO SURVEY!!

  5. good good boys good good good 🙂

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