MSP VIP Hack 2016

One of our newest hacks for 2016 is the MSP Star VIP hack tool.  This hack can be used to add Star VIP or Elite VIP membership to your Moviestarplanet account for free.

The 2016 MSP hack works on both Mac and PC computers and is super easy to use!  It takes most users less than 5 minutes from start to finish to complete the hack.  Best of all, there’s no annoying surveys to fill out, it just works!


As with any of our Moviestarplanet hacks, this tool has undergone extensive testing to ensure it works properly on all computers and devices.  We recommend users read this entire post before running the hack tool to make sure it’s done properly.

Below we’ve listed step by step instructions for how to use the VIP hack for 2016.  There are also some helpful tips to keep in mind while using the MSP hack.  Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and comment below if you have any questions!

Moviestarplanet Star VIP Hack 2016

MSP Hack Blog’s 2016 VIP hack is the best working hack for MSP.  We’ve made it easy for all players to get free Star VIP memberships.  All you need to do is download the hack tool to get started.

This tool works on Mac and PC computers so most MSP players will be able to use it.  If you’re still using an older version of one of our hack tools, we recommend updating to the 2016 version so you’ll get the newest features!


The steps listed below will help walk you through the process of doing a Moviestarplanet VIP hack.  Read the tips below if you run into any problems or have questions.

Step 1: This MSP hack works by connecting directly to your Moviestarplanet account from your computer.  That means you have to download and install the tool in order to use it.  The first step is to download and install the MSP VIP hack on your computer.  There are no surveys required!  It works for both PC and Mac.

Step 2: Next you need to log in to your MSP account from whatever web browser you normally use.  This hack has been tested on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.  Keep this browser tab open while running the hack to ensure that the VIP membership is added to your correct account.

Step 3: After you’ve downloaded the tool and logged in, it’s time to choose which VIP membership you want.  This hack can unlock both Elite and Star VIP memberships.  Type in the amount of membership you want in months (12 months = 1 year).  Note: We recommend only adding one type of membership to your account at a time!

Step 4: Click the button next to the type of computer you have.  Don’t forget to do this step because the hack doesn’t work if you don’t select the right kind of computer!

Step 5: Once you’ve confirmed that all of the information is correct, click the “Start” button to begin the hack.  It will take about 30 seconds for the VIP hack to finish working.  You’ll get a notification when the hack is complete.

Step 6: Refresh your browser and log back in to your Moviestarplanet account.  Enjoy your free Star VIP membership!

The 2016 MSP VIP hack is our best one yet and most users can do it in less than 5 minutes!  Here are some common questions and tips when using the hack.

How much VIP membership can I add to my MSP account at once?

The hack will let you add an unlimited amount of VIP membership to your Moviestarplanet account but we recommend adding no more than one year at a time.  The reason for this is that if you add 50 years of VIP membership to your account, it will probably get banned by MSP admins.

Can my friends use the hack on my computer?

Yes.  Once you’ve downloaded the 2016 MSP VIP hack, you can use it on multiple accounts.  Just make sure to log in to the correct account before running the tool.

Which membership is better?  Star VIP or Elite VIP?

Star VIP has more features and is usually the top choice for our users.

Don’t you wish you had a Moviestarplanet VIP membership for 2016?  Well here’s your chance to get one for free!

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