Netiquette Rules on Movie Star Planet

There are a lot of netiquette rules that you need to know when it comes to Movie Star Planet. If you have never heard of netiquette before it is basically the rules of etiquette online, meaning how you should behave and act while online enjoying Movie Star Planet. It is important that both children and parents know what the netiquette rules are for Movie Star Planet so that you do not end up at the wrong end of netiquette, meaning you do not end up in trouble for violating acceptable behavior rules while in the game.

The first rule of netiquette is to never use all capital letters when you talk online. All capital letters is like yelling or shouting and this is not acceptable.

You also do not want to flame anyone online, which is known as “flaming” and this can get you banned. Flaming is when you are acting rude or begin to harass or threaten other players in the game. If you insult someone or post up hostile messages about them or someone else, this is flaming as well.

You should also know that unsolicited messages are not allowed at all, and this is called spamming. If you spam the website or the forums you will be banned as this is not proper netiquette.

Another part of netiquette is knowing that anything you post online can be seen by anyone at anytime. This means that you should not post up pictures, of you or anyone else, and you should not post any personal information online on Movie Star Planet either. While most people are good people, there are bad people out there that could copy your personal information or pictures and then post them somewhere else, and this could be very dangerous in the long run if people know your information or what you look like.

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