New MSP Starcoin Hack Tool

Hey movie stars!  I know it’s been a while since we posted a new hack tool for Moviestarplanet so I went out looking for a new one!  As you all know, there are lots of different sites out there that claim to have working MSP hack tools but only a few of them actually work.  Here at MSPHackBlog we take the guessing work out of trying to find a hack tool and only post the ones that actually work!

Those of you who have used MSPHackBlog before are probably already familiar with how the hack tools for MSP work.  But for those of you who are new visitors to this site, let me just explain how these hacks work.  Whether you want to add a bunch of Starcoins to your account or you want a free VIP membership, hack tools are the way to go.  Moviestarplanet hacks work by accessing the MSP servers and then adding the Starcoins, Diamonds or VIP directly to your account!  How is this possible?  The working hack tools are designed by professional coders who know how to root into the main servers.  Once they have access to the servers, they create a portal like the one pictured below that makes it easy to enter your information and do the hack.


Are Moviestarplanet Hacks Safe?

We only post safe and working hack tools here at MSP Hack Blog.  If the hack tool doesn’t work for us or our users then we wont post it.  The only real way to tell if a hack works is by testing it ourselves so that’s exactly what we do!  Every hack tool we post has been extensively tested and proven to work.  Other sites will tell you that you have to do a survey or something else in order to use their hack tools – not here.  Usually if a site asks you to do a survey or something like that then it is probably a scam.

When trying to find a working hack tool for Msp it’s important to read the comments and reviews to make sure that it will actually work.  Starcoin hacks are usually very simple to do as long as you find a working hack tool.  This new Starcoin hack has been tested by our staff and has worked every time we use it.  Just be sure to be smart when using the moviestarplanet hack tools.  If you try to add millions of starcoins at one time then you might get banned from MSP!

But as long as you are smart and follow the instructions, then our Moviestarplanet hacks should work fine and you wont have any problems!  Just make sure you fill out all of the steps correctly so the hack tool can connect to your account. This Starcoin hack tool is guaranteed to work faster and safer than any other tool you will find!

How to Do the New Starcoin Hack for MSP

This new Starcoin hack works very similar to the older hack tools we have posted before.  For those who are new to using Moviestarplanet hacks just be sure to follow these instructions and you should be fine!

Step 1: Download the Starcoin hack tool.  It’s a very small program file so it wont take up very much space on your computer!  Plus you can delete it right after you use it if you dont want it on your computer any more.

Step 2: Install the hack tool.  Once you have downloaded the hack tool, find the program in your “Downloads” folder or wherever you decided to save it.  Just double click on the icon to begin installing the tool.

Step 3: Open the MSP hack program.  When you open the tool you will see a screen like the one pictured above.  Enter your username at the top then click “Connect” to link the hack tool to your Moviestarplanet account.

Step 4: Enter the amount of Starcoins, Diamonds, or VIP you want added to your account.  Be sure that the box next to each item is checked!  VIP is entered in days so if you want a month of free VIP put 30 in the box.

Step 5: Just click the “Start” button and let the hack tool go to work.  You can watch the progress bar at the bottom of the screen to see how it’s working.

That’s all you have to do to use this new Starcoin hack tool for MSP!  Log in to your account to verify that the points and VIP have been added and you’re good to go!

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