Rags To Riches Competition Winners!


Again, we apologise for the late posting of this competition result post.

Looking through all the entries of this competition, there were an amazing number of movies that deserved to win, let us know if you are in the top three this week!

Let’s take a look at the top three winners of the US MovieStarPlanet

In first place with a brilliant 781 views is “. The prince’s plan .” by Jessiky. This is the second time we’ve seen Jess in the top three, so congratulations once again!


In second place with an awesome 157 views is “Princess and the Frog – Fairytale Dreams?” by ndidi20431.


And in third place with a great 216 views is “Cinderella” by softball girl<33



Voting for the report racism competition has now closed, so be on the lookout for the results on that competition later on this week!


Don’t forget, the April Fools competition is still open until Thursday, so get your entries in on that!!

Thank you so much to each every one of you who entered this competition, there were some truly great entries that didn’t quite make it into the top three. Maybe you didn’t win this time, but don’t forget, there is a brand new competition every single week, so you still have plenty more chances to win again in the future, don’t give up! And lets not forget, a big congratulations to our winners this week! Great job guys.


And here are the global results for the Rags To Riches competition!

Did you win? Let us know in the comments!




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