The People Who Run Movie Star Planet

Hi guys. We want to take a few minutes to talk to you about the people behind Movie Star Planet, and these people are the ones that make the website a fun, safe, and creative place for you to play and enjoy the site everyday.

Movie Star Planet has sites in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Each country has their own community manager, and this person is responsible for coordinating the work that is on the site, and also improving the technical and logistical parts of the website such as making sure the site is running right and the latest programs are downloaded and working on the site as they should without issue.

Every website in every country listed also has a Support team, which is there to assist users and players when they have problems, and also will help parents who have questions about the website. Whether it is a payment issue or technical issue, the Support team is there to help in every country. All of the Support members are fluent in the native language as well as English.

Each domain also has moderators who are speakers of the native language, and they deal with the reports such as threats or in-game issued. There are systematic checks of chat rooms and forums as well from these moderators, and they monitor all interaction on the website to make sure all of the rules are being followed. These moderators will also always have a badge icon by their name on their profile, so that you know they are legitimate and real staff members, as sometimes people try to imitate the staff on Movie Star Planet, but that will not work since they all have badges by their name.

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