Third-Parties Collecting Your Information

You might be sitting there playing Movie Star Planet and wondering if your information is being shared with third parties. It is important to know which third party groups are getting your personal information as well as what types of information is being collected or shared as part of being a member of Movie Star Planet. Here are the sites that Movie Star Planet shares your information with and why that information is being shared.

TRUSTe- TRUSTe is collecting and Movie Star Planet is sharing your IP address. The purpose of this collection is for privacy verification.

Adform- Adform is also a third-party partner and they are collecting IP addresses, visits to the landing page, creation of new characters, acceptance of the terms and conditions, and making a purchase or using the Movie Star Planet gift certificates. The purpose of this collection of information is for campaign tracking and optimization.

Double Click- Double Click is also getting your personal information including your IP address, visit to the landing pages, accepting the terms and conditions, and creation of new chracters. The purpose of this is also for campaign tracking and optimization.

Google Adsense and Google Network- Your information is also being shared with Google Adsense and Google Network and the purpose of this is to also provide advertisements on Movie Star Planet. If you have Ad Blocker installed on your browser then you probably will not see any of the advertisements that Google Adsense runs, which is a good thing if you are worried about your child clicking on an ad and downloading something.

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