Three Moderation Techniques on Movie Star Planet

If you are playing Movie Star Planet, you probably would like to know how moderation works within the game. Movie Star Planet has real human moderators to ensure that you are safe while you are playing the game, especially since so many young people and children play the game every day. Here are three ways that Movie Star Planet uses moderation within the game to ensure you are safe and not being subjected to inappropriate content.

Alert Words– There is an Alert Word system in place in which the system will generate a report whenever that alert word is used. While sometimes sentences might seem acceptable to write in a specific context, if an alert word was used it would basically flag that sentence for moderation. The list of Alert Words is updated regularly and this is based off of feedback and then knowledge based on the behavior of users, as well as pattern tracing activity. The moderators analyze how those words are used and then gauge whether or not it was appropriate, and this action could be taken if it was deemed inappropriate.

Blocked Words- On Movie Star Planet, there are also blocked words which you cannot use during the chat room conversations. These words are banned from the entire website and also cannot be typed out by users of any age. If there is a new “bad” word invented using symbols or letters, then they also will be detected and placed on the blocked words list. This ensures that the blocked words list is always updating and changing in order to stay with the times and keep people safe, since younger people like to invent new words to try to get around the filters.

YouTube Review- While users can share YouTube videos on Movie Star Planet, moderators manually review the YouTube videos to make sure they are not inappropriate. There is a strict YouTube setting which is called “YouTube Moderation Strict” and this is what the moderators at Movie Star Planet use to keep the strongest filters in place. The moderation techniques and filter settings are constantly improved and updated.

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