Tips for Making a Strong Pasword on Movie Star Planet

It is important that you are safe while you are on Movie Star Planet, and this means you need to take steps to make sure that your password is safe and strong on the website. If you are a child or parent, make sure you follow these tips to ensure you have a strong password that no one will be able to guess while online.

First, think of a phrase that you will easily remember, such as “My cat Muffin is 9 years old.”

Take the first letter of each word in that sentence and transfer it into your password. In the example above, your password would then be “mcmi9yo” and you can use any phrase  you want to create this type of password, which is why it is so strong and easy because it is personal to you and only you.

You want to use both capital and lower case letters in your password. Most people use the first letter as the capital letter, but it really can be any letter you want.

You also can add symbols into the password to make it stronger, such as replacing a “o” with a “0” or even putting a $ sign in there as well. Just remember what symbols you used in your password because it is easier to forget symbols if you are not used to using them.

You also need to remember to never use the same password that you use for other websites, especially banking websites. Make sure that your password is only used for Movie Star Planet to ensure it is safe just in case of a hack.

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