What Are Cyberbullies?

On msphackblog, we wanted to talk a little bit about cyberbullying and how it works online. It is important for parents to know about cyberbullying because while Movie Star Planet tries to maintain a safe environment, sometimes bullying happens and people are not aware of what is going on or they feel ashamed. It is important that if you notice any cyberbullying going on in Movie Star Planet, you need to report it immediately, and make sure to talk to your children about what cyberbullying is and how it might affect them.

Cyberbullies use many different technologies to harass others, especially during online gaming, even though policies are in place to try to prevent this from happening. Some technologies that are used include instant messaging, email, cell phones, and even the forums of the websites in order to spread gossip and rumors about someone else. Cyberbullies also steal passwords to try to take another person’s identity, as well as post pictures of someone without their consent. Cyberbullies also have been known to threaten other players or people online, and since a lot of them use fake names, it can be hard to track.

Studies have shown that the online harassment has been increasing in the ages 10 to 17 group within the past five years. It is also most often their peers that are being the cyberbullies, and cyberbullies follow you everywhere, so it’s different from a real-life bully you find in schools. In Movie Star Planet, it is important to report these types of activities immediately, because the player will be warned and then banned if needed, and then law enforcement might also be called if the harassment is bad enough.

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