What is Cyber-Stalking?

On Movie Star Planet every attempt is made to make sure that the game is safe for the age group 8 to 15 years old, as well as for everyone else. While every attempt is made to ensure safety, sometimes people can get through the cracks and situations could happen, such as cyber-stalking. It is important to know what cyber-stalking is so that you know when it is going on and you can report it immediately so that the team can take care of it.

Cyber-Stalking is when you are using the internet to stalk someone, and the victim might get threatening messages online, such as through an email, personal message on a website, or on the forum. Someone might also post sexually-suggestive comments on a website, such as in the forums, or even on their personal webpage. This could also include offline contact as well, but the first part must have occurred online in order for it to be cyber-stalking, since cyber means online. The person could be across the street or the country, as with most things online, you never know who you are talking to on the other end of the message or thread.

If your child is a victim of cyber-stalking it needs to be reported to law enforcement right away, and on Movie Star Planet, all messages and data is saved for a period of time just in case this type of situation happens online. The victim might have a fear of death because of the cyber-stalking, as well as a fear of bodily harm, and could also include fear of harm to the victim’s family by the perpetrator. Unwanted messages, calling, writing, forum messages, and other things are also a part of cyber-stalking, and these all need to be reported to the staff at Movie Star Planet immediately.

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