What to Wear Competition Winners Announced

Hi everyone! Every week here on msphackblog, we login to Movie Star Planet to see who the latest winners are for the movie competitions. This week, we are taking a look at the winners of the What to Wear movie competition. We are always amazed at how many people submit their movie for these competitions, with everyone doing a great job, and it makes it hard to pick winners. These three winners did the best job however, using the sentences required for the competition and also doing the best job with the clothing, background, and props.

Now it is time, let us take a look at the winners of the What to Wear movie competition, which just were announced.

In first place, we have Tedhugz with “The Closet Games” and we want to say congratulations to you.

what to wear winners1

In second place is Marshadillow with “The Pool Party” and we also want to tell you congratulations and a job well done!

what to wear winners 2

Third place is ItsRileyPink with “BFFs Always Got Your Back” and again, congratulations to you as well.

what to wear winners 3

The newest competition is still open, but you need to submit your movie before tomorrow night in order to have a chance to win. You need to use the three sentences and use the background, items, and clothing that is assigned to the competition in order to have the best chance at winning. Come back next week and we will tell you the winners of the Like a Star competition, and we hope you submit your movie for a chance to win.

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