What You Should Know about Spyware

On Movie Star Planet, every attempt is made to ensure that spyware does not get onto your computer from the website. Moderators sit there and check links before they are posted online by the users, but sometimes spyware can still be downloaded onto your computer, and it is important to know what spyware is in order to get it fixed if it happens to you.

Spyware is often times unwanted and it can lead to many issues for you because spyware is commonly used by scammers, spammers, and hackers to gain information about you and people who use your computer. The types of information that can be gained from spyware include credit card information, email addresses, personal information, financial information and literally anything you can imagine. A lot of spyware has a keylogging piece with it, which means that any keystrokes you make on your computer will show up in the email of the person who put it on your computer.

Keystrokes could put you at risk because it could give someone access to your user names, passwords, and your account details, such as numbers for bank accounts or credit cards. Often times you will not know you have spyware on your computer since it is silent, so you need to run a spyware and malware program often to ensure your computer is free of this issue. While it’s not likely to happen on Movie Star Planet, there is always new ways that hackers install spyware on computers, so just be aware of the risk and make sure your programs are all up to date so it can be detected.

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