Which Children Are More Likely to Form Online Friendships?

As a parent, you probably want to know what types of children are more likely to seek out online friendships, which can be a part of Movie Star Planet. While chats and communications are monitored in the game, it is still a good idea to know which kids are more likely to seek out attention from people online, even if those people are peers in their own age group. This information will help you understand why your child might be more likely to engage with others on Movie Star Planet, and why some kids are always more private even in an online social world like Movie Star Planet.

Girls that have higher parent-child conflicts are more likely to seek out online friendships, including if there is nagging or yelling in the household. Girls who are depressed, victimized or have other troubles at home are also more likely to seek out friendships from the online world, including in games like Movie Star Planet. In fact, the girls who reported victimization and depression were twice as likely than the other group of girls without these issues to seek online attention from others.

For boys the issue seems to be the parent relationship in terms of communication, as boys with lower communication with their parents are more likely to seek out online friendships and relationships. Boys that said their parents did not care who they were with or what they were doing were also more likely to seek and find online friendships as opposed to the boys who had parents that cared about what they were up to and who they were hanging out with.

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