Wildlife Vet Competition!

Every Thursday marks the beginning of a week of a brand new competition on MovieStarPlanet, we at msphackblog gather up the deets on the new competition and bring them right to you!

This week in MovieStarPlanet we’ve gone outdoors and we’re hanging out with the wildlife and living out many a child’s dream – being a vet!


To create the best movie, you can, get a bunch of cool props and furniture. If you check out the MovieStarPlanet shop during these competitions, there will be various themed items which you can use to make an awesome movie.

To make sure you create a really good movie, check out the newest items available in the store, in the clothing, items and background categories, as each of these will have specific items chosen for the weekly competition, so try to buy as many of these as you can!


The member who receives first place in the competition will receive a fourteen day MovieStarPlanet VIP membership, fourteen diamonds and three thousand Starcoins. The member who places second will receive seven days of VIP membership, seven diamonds and two thousand Starcoins. The member who places in third will receive three days of VIP, three diamonds and one thousand Starcoins. These are amazing prizes, so all who enter, make sure you put plenty effort into your movie!


With the beginning of every brand new competition comes a bunch of brand new phrases that are associated with the new theme for you to use in your movies, this weeks new phrases are; “I love animals”, “Are you an animal doctor” and “Let Me Take Care of you”. Remember, all three new phrases must be used in your movie to remain eligible for the competition.


You have until May 22nd to submit your entry to the competition, so make sure you have something awesome and creative by then and you could be in with the chance of winning big!

Entry for the Arabian Prom competition has now closed and voting is now open until Monday 18th May, so go and support your fellow MovieStars and vote for your favorite entry!

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